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Senarai Borang (Perlindungan Sinaran)

  1. IKN-RS-F-077 Personnel Dosimetry Request Form
  2. IKN-RS-F-076 Radiation Dose Exposure To The Fetus
  3. IKN-RS-F-075 TLD RING Monthly Exposure Assessment Report for IKN Radiation Worker
  4. IKN-RS-F-074 OSL Monthly Exposure Assessment Report for IKN Radiation Worker
  5. IKN-RS-F-073 Clinical Sampel Contaminated with Radioactive
  6. IKN-RS-F-072 Sealed Source Inventory List
  7. IKN-RS-F-071 Sealed Source Leak Test
  8. IKN-RS-F-070 Notification of Pregnancy Form
  9. IKN-RS-F-068 External Transfer of Patients Containing Radioactive Material Record
  10. IKN-RS-F-067 Personnel Exposure Dose Record
  11. IKN-RS-F-066 Workplace Monitoring Record
  12. IKN-RS-F-065 Area Monitoring Record
  13. IKN-RS-F-064 Patient Discharged Record
  14. IKN-RS-F-063 Radioactive Waste Disposal Record
  15. IKN-RS-F-062 Radioactive Decontamination Record
  16. IKN-RS-F-061 Thyroid Bioassay Record Form
  17. IKN-RS-F-060 Decay Tank Waste Disposal Record
  18. IKN-RS-F-059 Attendance Record For Radiation Safety Briefing
  19. IKN-RS-F-058 Room Clearance Record
  20. IKN-RS-F-057 Food Waste Record
  21. IKN-RS-F-056 Linen Waste Record Form
  22. IKN-RS-F-055 Receiving Radioactive Material Record
  23. IKN-RS-F-054 Electronic Dosimeter Daily Record
  24. IKN-RS-F-053 Electronic Dosimeter Request Form
  25. IKN-RS-F-052 Long Half Life Waste Record
  26. IKN-RS-F-051 Emergency Transfer For Radioactive Patient
  27. IKN-RS-F-050 Radioactive Death Body Radiation Monitoring Record
  28. IKN-RS-F-049 Notification of Received Dose Record
  29. IKN-RS-F-048 Consent Form On Radiation Risk Exposure
  30. IKN-RS-F-047 Patient Dose Monitoring (PET-CT)
  31. IKN-RS-F-046 Patient Dose Monitoring (CT)
  32. IKN-RS-F-045 Patient Dose Monitoring (General Radiography)
  33. IKN-RS-F-044 Patient Dose Monitoring (Angiography)
  34. IKN-RS-F-043 Patients Death During Radionuclide Treatment Released Form